Serially Lost – Part 1

This three-part lost theme scared me at the beginning but then I thought about what I gain from my biggest lost and I decided to give it a try. We are all who we are because of what happened to us, more or less, depends of the amount of consciousness that appears after the first wave of feeling: fear and pain. When those two pass then we can only see the real self inside.
For many of us losing the one we love the most might have been horrible. For me, when I was able to change my biggest fear, the sense of loss disappeared. The hardest part was to find that deepest fear of mine.
So now let’s enjoy together my happiest loss, the fear of change. This hooked me into being a sad control-freak almost all the time, one who forgot how to live, to be free and to feel joy. It took me years to get from a happy life to an unbalanced one, so changing that back wasn’t so easy.
In Part 2 I’ll tell you my first self-changing story.

One thought on “Serially Lost – Part 1

  1. Looking forward to the next part!

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