Last trip

Both Ana and Alex were standing apparently calm in the car. He was driving and trying not to think. She was thinking way to much and so she started to talk:

– I don’t understand how this could happen? I was so sure It was going to be our last beautiful trip together.

-I don’t want to talk about this! Alex replied.

– Talking will make us get through our failure, it will make everything better, said Ana.

– I don’t believe that and I don’t want to talk about it.

Frustrated and annoyed, the woman said :

– Then how do you expect to get over your pain and mistake if you don’t think about what happened?

With endless sadness, he just said:

– I won’t talk or think about this. I can’t!

There was absolutely no common point in their believes although deep inside both of them were exactly the same. After reaching their destination, they never  found a mutual ground again and so they felt they became nothing.

4 thoughts on “Last trip

  1. Sykes says:

    Nice and short. Am assuming you excluded the ” ” by design? That’s how you wanted it?

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