Trying to hold back his tears, unsuccessfully, the young man was saying to himself: “I can believe I have no one left from my family, grandma was the last one. She used to tell me that I’ll never feel lonely if I like the person I’m with, including myself. So true! I have now this idea that she left me and because of it I feel protected and free.”

“Awww….! She is so sweet, maybe she is knitting for a grandson. ” the pregnant woman was thinking, seeing the old lady.

“Thank God we still have my grandparents to love our baby.” But looking at her husband, with his eyes full of tears, she sadly remembered: “We are all he has. Me and our baby”. They just continued to walk, without talking.

“I like knitting since….forever, I guess.” Looking up, the old woman was in a melancholic mood: ” Those two approaching are at the beginning of their family life. Paul and I used to be like that, so natural together. I still miss him, every day. I should finish this sweater for my little love, he waits for it.The Grandma shirt, he calls it. ” She kept on knitting forgetting about the couple passing by.

2 thoughts on “3D

  1. Jim woods says:

    short and sweet but a nice tale of people passing by. I think sometimes we all wonder what the stranger we see is thinking.

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