The place behind the door

Friday afternoon, this school week is over and I am on the road to my Grandma’s apartment. ” I can wait to get there, she always makes me the most perfect food. I call her sandwiches  landscapes, that’s how beautiful (and  good) they are and her soups are amazing. Always putting them in those small bowls, I eat three each time. Hi,hi! When I’ll be in her kitchen I’ll sit in my favorite spot, my brother won’t be there to take it . I know everyone craves for that place behind the door,it’s like a little house inside a room. But today I will sit there and eat Grandma’s red couscous. Once she told me she makes it red because she loves paprika and because I love tomatoes, this way our couscous is perfect for both of us. Mmmm, it’s gonna be warm, steaming and smelling like nothing else. Oh, God, one more semaphore and I’l reach my destination, wish I was in Star Trek to say  “Beam me up, Scotty”. That’s how hungry I am now. Wonder If she also has  that chocolate whit coconut? That would be the top of the tops. And I am here. Yeeey! Love Fridays!

3 thoughts on “The place behind the door

  1. “Beam me up, Scotty”, too.

  2. I’m not familar with these foods but you made me hungry for them! 🙂

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