Serially Found

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.

As I promise in my first part of the Serially lost theme, I will write about the first self-changing story. It narrowlly happend, my unchaining experience, but when it did, well it was like nothing else. Maybe because we tend to be more lasy when it comes to ourselfs, I had to get really ill to start accepting thoughts and feelings that I already seen and know. So forced somehow by the Univers, laied in my hospital bed, guess who started to consciously reflect…?! Yep, me! And I was not so bad at all. Guess I got scared for nothing, just being betrayed by my own overthinking brain. But afther a while, I managed to get in charge and put the bastard to work for me, not against me. It’s a long proccess but it’s worth it. For many of us, suffering takes us to another level of consciousness, Although I would prefer to be smarter and diligent enough not to be in a hospital because I did’t take care of myself. It already happen and now I am learning and living truly.

2 thoughts on “Serially Found

  1. Jim woods says:

    I found this post uplifting. Thanks for sharing

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