The Concert in the cave

For ten years, in October, I go with my family at a classical music concert that takes place in a real cave . We love it! Although the road to get there is a very difficult one, thousands of people can’t wait for this musical event. The cave is on a very high hill, in an old forest. The curvy path with very many obstacles  makes the four hours trip very hard. One can only walk there, no cars or other vehicles can pass, the way is narrow and rough.

This year I found out that the local administration decided that this event will be cancelled forever, because the complains of some social groups.They took action and in time manage to stop something amazing. I can’t be disappointed, don’t believe,yet, that this is true. Everything that makes the moment so amazing, from the strange peace that the long, tough road brings, to the actual music that awaits  us there, will be gone. But not for good. This cannot be happening, we cannot imagine the 24th October with no festive clothing. It would be dull, lifeless and without its ten years old musical joy. I still have hope, along with many others.

2 thoughts on “The Concert in the cave

  1. That is sad! Leave it to “Social groups” to ruin things for everyone else. I’m sorry to hear about your music in the cave being cancelled.

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