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Searching again in his poket, he found the front door key. Finnaly he could breath easily.: I am older now, why do I keep on thinking that I’ll be left outside in a way or another? It’s awfully logic that no one wants to leave me , but I seem not to undestand that.”

When he stepped inside the house he instantly though: I am alone! Will they return soon? God, I hope so. What time is it? Mom said she will be here by 15.30. I hate this! I’m so stupid! I guess it’s better if I wait by the window, then I’ll see her car when she arrives. Mom is never late! Five more minutes…

At 15.30 the smiling woman went inside her home, she found her older son calm and indifferent, just watching tv. Relieved, this was her first thought: He is ok. At last he knows  that I could never forget about him. Never.

2 thoughts on “Never?

  1. LOL. Lack of communication between them. 🙂

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